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23-06-20 03:56:00,

Whatever can be said, we have been about three or four billion people locked down on the five continents, forced to experience a kind of “house-arrest”. Unexpectedly, in a few weeks, this “exception” has become the standard status for crowds of honest citizens, blowing on the planet a backward wind and generating a crazy surrealistic atmosphere. However you call it a “lockdown”, it is a real “containment” of the populations evoking warfare, cold war, repression, fear and mistrust.

Some questions and some answers

Of course, this staggering episode will sustain thoughts, reflections and questions about the origin of this mysterious virus that was capable to plunge all of a sudden our familiar society into an unknown but very disturbing future.

What is unprecedented indeed in the Covid 19 crisis is not the event in itself, but its uncommon impact, resulting from its huge, systematic, world-wide, at first sight irrational instrumentation. Why did it get such an extraordinary importance, as soon as pandemics, far from being an exception, are rather usual? Looking back to a recent past, remembering or not that an epidemic alert used to be launched every two or three years, every individual will discover at that occasion the many types of fevers or influenzas possibly fraught with dangers he has escaped from. So we have a right to wonder and ask why or for which reasons this famous Covid19 has become so extravagantly famous and fearsome. Of course, we can’t predict the final toll. Let’s say it is not a mild epidemic, but to believe daily figures, it has nothing to do with a pandemic of the millennium. There must be an explanation…

“Containment” being conducive to reflection, it’s within everyone’s capabilities to ponder about the impact of media coverage of the crisis, since everything has been done everywhere to condition the populations and bring them to focus on the so-called “War on Coronavirus” at every moment, every detail in their daily life, 24/24 and 7/7.. It is indeed a permanent brainwash that is imposed on those millions of house-locked down citizens through an omnipresent TV propaganda, the channels altogether centering unremittingly their programs on the “coronavirus”.

Intentionally or not, this oppressive context makes it possible to push into the far-off background some of the upsetting realities that were unveiled at the occasion of the pandemic,

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