BLM and White Shariah Come to Europe


23-06-20 07:25:00,

Just a normal day in Dijon, France (where you get your mustard).

We are living in kooky times.

The European Parliament has voted a pro-BLM resolution affirming a wide array of victimarian concepts (“structural racism,” intersectionality, “racialized persons,” and the very francophone “Afrophobia”). Yesterday’s kooky left-wing meme is tomorrow’s law of the land.

The EU lawmakers cite the fact that:

[I]n the US, black people and people of colour constitute up to 40 % of the incarcerated population, while they represent 13 % of the total population; whereas the rate of mortality in police custody in the US is six times higher for black people than for white people and is three times higher for Hispanic people, as is the use of excessive or lethal force, which has disproportionately affected people of colour . . .

Apparently none of the 400+ elected officials who voted for this have heard of FBI crime statistics, which show that black and Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly the same proportion as the figures mentioned above. In Europe, one finds more and more the same dumb American memes.

Identity & Democracy, the nationalist group in the EU Parliament, tabled its own resolution denouncing antifa, the practice of kneeling, “the iconoclastic and sectarian drift of progressivism, which is reminiscent of the Taliban,” and the deafening silence surrounding the mass murders of Christians in Nigeria and White farmers in South Africa. This text has no hope of passing but has the merit of showing that not all Europeans are complicit in their suicide.

American liberal elites are radicalizing to a truly frightening degree. The attacks against George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant are a sign that now, for the first time, the very foundations of the American nation are being explicitly attacked. America is no longer considered a tragically flawed experiment on the path to redemption, but an intrinsically evil nation which must be wholly upturned.

European governments, while sympathetic to BLM, have in fact tried to prevent the chaos from spreading to our shores. Both British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron have affirmed that historical statues must not be taken down in their nations.

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