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23-06-20 07:13:00,

By Peter A. Kirby

5G electromagnetic radiation can induce symptoms in people which are then apparently being misdiagnosed as Covid 19. Specifically, 5G radiation can induce the presence of something called exosomes. This presence of exosomes is apparently causing doctors to diagnose patients with the dreaded Coronavirus. In this process, chemtrail spray may act as a transmission medium for the 5G radiation.

Exosomes and 5G

Even without chemtrail spray, 5G radiation can cause a human body to exhibit an increased presence of exosomes. You see, exosomes are very small sacs of fluid that are secreted from cells in times of bodily illness or stress. Exosomes alert the rest of the body to the presence of disease. This state of disease can be induced by exposure to 5G radiation. Specifically, a state of disease can be induced by the electromagnetic manipulation of one’s autonomic nervous system as well as other body systems. The fields of 5G electromagnetic radiation can do this.

The autonomic nervous system is comprised of all your nerves throughout your body with the exception of the brain and the spinal cord. Being that it is bioelectric in nature, it is particularly susceptible to electromagnetic energy. Along with the central nervous system, it is what makes your body akin to a large antenna. Scientists such as Dr. Michael A. Persinger (1945-2018) figured out a long time ago that electromagnetic fields have a tremendous effect upon one’s autonomic nervous system.

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In his 1980 book The Weather Matrix and Human Behavior, Dr. Persinger writes about how electromagnetic energy fields can induce the autonomic nervous system to alter the functioning of one’s: eye muscles, glands, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach, small intestine, colon, kidney, bladder, genitals, and blood vessels. Alteration of the functioning of these vital organs can cause a state of bodily imbalance (disease) and thus, an increased presence of exosomes.

Dr. Nick Begich in his book Controlling the Human Mind describes this process:

All processes that build up and breakdown the cells and chemicals of the body are controlled by electromagnetic oscillations.

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