May All Be Revealed


24-06-20 12:36:00,

“If wars can be started by lies then they can be stopped by truth.”

~ Julian Assange

“That which can be destroyed by the truth, should be.”

~ P C Hodgell

Human life is confusing. A human’s purpose in life is to make it less so.

The healthiest desire a human can have is for confusion and obfuscation to be replaced with clear seeing. This means wanting the truth to be revealed, whether it be for matters as large as the global-scale agendas of secretive power structures, or matters as small as the delusion-based mental habits hidden in your own subconscious. For the lover of truth, it’s all the same desire.

The world’s healthiest people want all truth to be revealed no matter how inconvenient it might be. In themselves, in their relationships, in their community, and in their world. They want government documents leaked, they want whistleblowers exposing the malfeasance of corporations, they want dynamics of abuse seen and recognized, and they want unconscious conditioning patterns made conscious and healed.

The world’s sickest people want truth to be hidden wherever it’s inconvenient. In themselves, in their relationships, in their community, and in their world. They want governments and corporations to become more opaque and for the whistleblowers and journalists who expose them to be punished, they want abusive dynamics to remain hidden behind a veil of narrative control, and they want unconscious conditioning patterns to remain as unconscious as possible.

“May all be revealed.” This is the most sacred desire of every true revolutionary. Of every sincere political activist. Of every honest conspiracy analyst. Of every authentic seeker of enlightenment. Of every real psychonaut. They all want the truth, on truth’s terms, come what may.

“May all remain hidden.” This is the foremost intention of every sociopathic manipulator. Of every domineering oligarch. Of every war architect. Of every imperialist spook. Of every deceitful propagandist. Of every controlling cult leader. Of every user, abuser and manipulator. Of everyone who is too cowardly to face their own inner demons. They all want plenty of dark spaces for the truth to be hidden in.

Those who live truth-based lives with the intention of bringing truth to the light will embrace it in whatever form it ends up taking,

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