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Recent events clearly show that, owing to efforts of the current US political elite, teachings of Propaganda Minister of Nazi Germany, Doctor Paul Joseph Goebbels, have taken root in the United States and are being actively propagated in various spheres of work and life.

And there are numerous examples of this! The author is referring to the stoking of racial tensions and hatred in the past decades in the United States, and to CIA’s “black sites” all over the world, where, just as in Nazi Germany, detainees were tortured and perhaps continue to be tortured to extract “confessions that authorities wish to hear”. In addition, the United States has been using targeted killings of political opponents as a tool. The widely-publicized assassination of Major General Qasem Soleimani in Iraq is one of the most recent examples. The US could also be on the brink of a revolution, which the current political elites stand to benefit from. After all, protests, possibly orchestrated by intelligence agencies, to show people’s disillusionment with former national heroes are still ongoing and so is the tearing down of historical monuments. Perhaps, the burning of books deemed as subversive is next, just as during a campaign conducted by the German social-democrats in 1933.

Nowadays, USA’s once powerful and sophisticated weapons no longer seem threatening. After all, in all the conflicts that Washington has been involved in, particularly those in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US has repeatedly failed to reach its goals and sustained losses, which include the lives of thousands of American servicemen as well as billions of dollars, and damage to the US image. In this climate, the current US leadership, in a last ditch effort to stay in power, has resorted to Goebbels-style propaganda.

Back in the 1930s, Doctor Goebbels formulated the core principles behind such war-time and political propaganda. The key is to capture the popular imagination, which is the main aim of any disinformation campaign, and to make sure the propaganda is effective by any means necessary. The bigger the lie is, the more believable it is and the faster it spreads.

In order to bring Goebbels’ teachings to life while conducting psychological operations (PSYOP), in June 2010, the US Department of Defense renamed them to Military Information Support Operations (MISO),

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