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06-07-20 03:18:00,

littlebird says:

Hi – this is more a comment on your recent Higherside Chats interview: I think the “Bill Gates isn’t a doctor” argument is risky. Over the past 10-15 years, Gates may have spent 2-3x+ as many hours in labs and learning from expert immunologists and epidemiologists than the average Dr.

It’s like saying: James Corbett isn’t even an historian.

  • flammable says:

    Did Gates spend all that time learning from experts or did he spend his time making sure they were finding ways of getting the results he is paying them for?

    Yes you are absolutely right we cannot dismiss Gates just because he is not a doctor just like dismissing Corbett because he is not a historian. Gates has spent more time and money on this subject than any non-expert.

    His presentations and talks are what forms the basis of our comments that Gates is not a doctor. Nothing he discusses is scientific or scholarly. It is more of the same old narratives on immunology and epidemiology that he started with decades ago. Gates does not address any studies on the subjects that goes against the narrative or any new findings. All he does is allow his media investments to bombard us with censorship, logical fallacies, and personal attacks while he goes out and repeats his messages uncontested.

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