China, QAnon Censorship, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


22-07-20 03:15:00,

QAnon is one of the most annoying things on Twitter and its followers are morons. And, also, it is dangerous and unacceptable that monopolistic Silicon Valley tech plutocrats are exerting more and more control over human communication.

I criticize QAnon constantly and find its acolytes intensely irritating. And, also, I don’t want monopolistic tech billionaires paternalistically protecting my fragile little mind from them.

Twitter shouldn’t be censoring this.

In a corporatist system of government, where few meaningful distinctions exist between corporate power and state power, corporate censorship is state censorship. Permitting such a thing, to any extent, is extremely hazardous for the future of human development.


The dawn of political insight is when you realize propaganda isn’t just something that is done by other countries and other political parties.


Step 1: Foment violent extremism in a key geostrategic region you want to control.

Step 2: Wait for the government of that region to respond to extremism.

Step 3: Spin their response as unprovoked tyranny, tell the world interventionism is required to prevent another Holocaust.


Q: What does “tankie” mean?

A: “Tankie” is a noise you make when you want to avoid contemplating the uncomfortable possibility that someone else might be less MSM-brainwashed on foreign policy than you are.


Q: What is China?

A: China is a large Asiatic nation which westerners use as an emotional punching bag for their capitalism-induced rage, propaganda-induced confusion, and fears about the death of the US empire.


Believing China wants to take over your country, censor your internet and give you a social credit score is exactly the same sort of foam-brained othering which told previous generations that black men want to take over your neighborhood so they can have sex with your wives.


“I guess you don’t realize this Caitlin, but it’s actually possible to be critical of the US government and mindlessly regurgitate CIA narratives about China,” said the Smart Internet Person. “It’s called being fair and balanced.”


US conservatives whose precious religion admonishes them to “remove the plank from thine own eye” are obsessed with China,

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