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23-07-20 07:26:00,


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the perfect instrument of President Donald Trump. Not only is he as arrogant and self-righteous as the beleaguered American leader, but he is also a impolite, nasty Trump clone who possesses zero social grace. Pompeo, like Trump, feels like his role is to insult and beat down the rest of the world to “win” a ridiculous policy war. Or in other words, he has no business being in charge of our foreign policy. And for those who think I am wrong…

Just recently Secretary Pompeo warned the heads of companies working to complete the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline connecting Russia and Germany to “get out now or face the consequences.” For those unfamiliar, Germany wants Russian gas and Russia wants to sell the central European nation all they can use. For years, however, the US and other nations have sought to block Russia from profiting from her vast natural resources. The reasons and instances are many, but basically, the Anglo-European alliance wants to keep the Russians down.

Nord Stream, the Ukraine situation, the war in Syria, and conflicts other parts of the Arab world, all these geo-strategic hotspots are about suppressing Russia, China, Iran, or other people whose leaders are not in the country club Pompeo belongs to. Pompeo’s rhetoric amplifies the nastiness of Trump, and of that segment of American policymaking that thinks the United States should rule the world like an empire. Threatening with still more sanctions, the US Secretary of State went on to say:

“Companies aiding and abetting Russia’s malign-influence projects will not be tolerated.”

Pompeo looks and acts like one of those meat-bone munching bulldogs you’ve seen on Saturday morning cartoons. His business is all about throwing his and Trump’s weight around the world at the expense of America’s reputation on the world stage. Watching from the wings, I find it difficult to believe my country ever passed a law called the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, but seeing these new fascists using the law as a sword for business, it’s really sickening. Yes, we’ve allowed an actual law enabling the neoliberals to conduct an economic war on neighbors, in a world that is supposedly a global community.

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