Major Hollywood Studio Orders “AI-Driven” Face-Mask Detection Robots


24-07-20 08:12:00,

A major Hollywood studio ordered face mask detection robots this week that mount on walls in public areas. 

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., published a press release Wednesday morning, revealing a major studio in the Holywood area (whose name cannot be disclosed due to non-disclosure agreements in place) purchased two Robotic Observation Security Apparatus Units (ROSA) from its wholly-owned subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices’ (RAD) dealer GSG Protective Services, Inc. in Los Angeles.


According to RAD, ROSA is an “AI-driven security system including both human and vehicle detection, license plate recognition, and complete integration with the RAD Software suite notification and response library.” 

Described as the “ultimate autonomous response device,” ROSA uses powerful AI software and sensors in “a 180° field of view” to enforce mask-wearing. 

“This is a game-changer for us,” said Corey English, COO of GSG Protective Services, the RAD dealer who sold both ROSA devices. 

“Face mask enforcement in this environment is challenging, and the RAD lineup allows reinforcement of critical regulations that are in place for everyone’s safety – without bias and without confrontation,” English said. 

Steve Reinharz, Founder and CEO of RAD, said ROSA records violators and repeat offenders of those who fail to wear masks. 

“The ability to record violators, and particularly repeat violators, gives high profile end-users such as this one options for enforcement and general security,” said Reinharz. “It’s great to see the first order specifically for this technology come within a very short period of time from when we announced it.”

As ROSA gains popularity in Hollywood, a much wider release of the wall robot is expected, due mostly because half of the country is now under mask requirement orders as virus cases and deaths soar

Corporations and local authorities cannot dedicate their time to mask-wearing enforcement as hot pockets of social unrest continue around the country. That is why elites will resort to AI technology to monitor Americans, and in some cases, make sure they’re wearing masks.

The press release didn’t state if there were any consequences for mask offenders at the studio. 

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