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Longstanding US plans call for waging wars from space.

In 1985, the US Space Command (USSPACECOM) was created.

In December 2018, Trump ordered it be made a unified combatant command for war under the US Strategic Command, saying:

“Pursuant to my authority as the Commander in Chief and under section 161 of title 10, United States Code, and in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I direct the establishment, consistent with United States law, of United States Space Command as a functional unified combatant command.”

His order advanced US plans for preemptively waging real time star wars.

Washington refuses to negotiate a treaty with Russia and China that bans weaponization of space.

The 1967 Outer Space Treaty bans nations from placing WMDs (not conventional weapons) in earth orbit or otherwise in outer space.

It restricts use of celestial bodies to peaceful purposes, bans space bases and outer space weapons testing.

The 1963 Limited Test Ban Treaty prohibits nuclear testing in outer space.

Established in 1984 to negotiate arms control and disarmament agreements, the UN Conference on Disarmament strongly opposes weaponizing space.

The 1972 ABM Treaty banned testing or deploying weapons in space. The treaty became null and void after Bush/Cheney pulled out in June 2002.

In January 2001, representing overwhelming world community sentiment, the UN General Assembly’s Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space Resolution A/55/32 said the following:

“The exploration and use of outer space shall be for peaceful purposes and be carried out for the benefit and in the interest of all countries, irrespective of their degree of economic or scientific development,” adding:

“(The) prevention of an arms race in outer space would avert a grave danger for international peace and security.”

Space is the final frontier. Last December, the US Space Force Act established the Pentagon’s Space Force as part of the US Air Force — headed by a chief of space operations.

If the US militarizes space, Russia and China will respond defensively in similar fashion.

Last week, the Trump regime falsely accused Russia of conducting an anti-satellite missile test that’s able to destroy low-earth-orbit satellites in space — no credible evidence presented because there is none.

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