Frightened, Confused, and Tense, Israeli IDF Bombs itself and Accuses Hezb Allah!


28-07-20 04:58:00,

Fires and smoke from the Israeli IDF bombing south of Lebanon

After one full week of remaining on high alert, the Israeli IDF carried out a bombing against one of its own fortifications in a village it occupies south of Lebanon, it accuses Hezb Allah of aggression and celebrates victory over its own bombing!

What happened yesterday evening at the southern Lebanese borders will be recorded in history as one of Israel’s defeats, this time it defeated itself in psychological warfare with the Lebanese resistance group Hezb Allah.

On Tuesday, last week, July 21st, Israel bombed a Syrian army facility south of Damascus, near the Damascus International Airport. Its usual justification is targeting Iranian posts in Syria to keep Iranian forces away. A new war crime added to the endless list committed by the US’s advanced post aka Israel. There were no Iranian troops at the Syrian site and 7 Syrian soldiers were injured. Syria usually retains the right to retaliate at its calculated time and when it’s more comfortable after eliminating the herds of thousands of terrorists all over the country.

However, on the next day, the Lebanese Hezb Allah issued a statement mourning one of its soldiers ‘killed while fulfilling his obligations in Syria’, which raised the first alert in Israel. The statement was followed by another short statement a few hours later to confirm that Hezb Allah’s soldier was killed in the Israeli bombing south of Damascus. Hezb Allah soldiers are embedded with the Syrian army and fighting side by side against the US-sponsored ISIS and other Al-Qaeda terrorists in the country.

Hezb Allah Martyr Ali Kamil Jawad killed near Damascus by Israel bombingHezb Allah Martyr Ali Kamil Jawad killed near Damascus by Israel bombingIsrael on High Alert after Hezb Allah mourned their martyr Ali Kamil Jawad who killed near Damascus by Israel bombing

Instantly, all of Israel went on the highest alert and its army started unusual movements across the borders with Lebanon anticipating a retaliation by Hezb Allah. The rule of engagement was set in the last week of August last year when Israel carried out a twin aggression against both Syria and Lebanon, bombing a residence used by Hezb Allah fighters in the town of Aqraba south of the Syrian capital Damascus for resting during shifts.

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