TikTok, Epstein, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


01-08-20 09:22:00,

I’m just going to keep saying this: the fact that powerful intelligence agencies have been using minors as sex slaves to manipulate our society via blackmail is vastly more significant than the details of who they blackmailed and who facilitated that blackmailing.

I will say it again, in caps: POWERFUL INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES HAVE BEEN USING KIDS AS SEX SLAVES TO MANIPULATE OUR SOCIETY VIA BLACKMAIL. How is this not the main story? How are people more interested in Epstein, Maxwell, Clinton, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew etc than in this earth-shattering revelation?


Never use the word “whore” to refer to a sex worker; they earn an honest and respectable living and they shouldn’t be demeaned for it. That word should only ever be used for members of the mainstream news media.


Again, they’re not talking about banning TikTok because of data mining, they are talking about banning TikTok because of data mining that isn’t run by western oligarchs and intelligence agencies.

Democrats are pretending the Trump administration wants to ban TikTok because TikTok kids hurt Trump’s feelings. No they don’t, they want to ban it because they can’t abide a popular social media app that western spooks and narrative managers aren’t balls-deep involved in.


The economic rise of China will end US unipolar hegemony if something isn’t done to stop it. One way to stop it would be to narative manage the world into collaborating with hard economic sanctions. The neocons, war pigs and American supremacists are already pushing for this.


Once you realize that corporate power is America’s real government, it becomes clear that corporate media is state media. It’s just a tyrannical regime brainwashing its populace with propaganda, brutalizing protesters, and attacking anyone in the world who disobeys its dictates.


“Reputable news outlet” is a meaningless term, since those it’s generally applied to have been repeatedly caught in extremely egregious world-shaping lies. Good reporting directs readers to where they can verify important information for themselves; doesn’t matter if they’re CNN or RT.


The main risk of cold war escalations is not that a government will decide to wage a nuclear war,

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