The Great COVID-Con: Exposing Journalistic Malpractice


02-08-20 08:33:00,

Authored by Vasko Kohlmayer via,

On July 5th of this year – following weeks of steady decline – the United States recorded 263 deaths from COVID-19. This was the lowest daily toll in nearly three and half months. The July 5th figure represented a 90 percent drop from the peak which occurred April 21st. On that day there were 2748 deaths from COVID-19 (see for data).

The sharp decrease in COVID deaths was obviously a most welcome development. One would expect it would have quickly generated a spate of celebratory headlines.

However, this is not what happened that day.

Below is a collection of links to some of the news items put forward by US media on July 5:

It is quite astonishing that among these headlines there is no mention of the 90 percent drop in the daily death toll. Reading through them, one would have no idea that there has been such a dramatic improvement. Quite on the contrary, the impression is that things are as dire as ever.

Neither are these items an inaccurate sampling of the kind of material put out by mainstream media outlets that day.

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