Shape Yourself Into The Perfect Weapon Against The Empire


04-08-20 08:06:00,

Do you want to win this thing? Actually win it?

By that I mean, do you actually want to create a healthy world instead of a world where we are ruled by lying, murderous, warmongering, oppressive, ecocidal, omnicidal sociopaths? Is that something you truly, deeply want?

It’s okay if you don’t, but be real with yourself about it.

A large percentage of the people who get involved in revolutionary political movements and criticism of establishment power structures, if they were honest with themselves, would admit that they do so not out of a sincere desire to replace the sociopathic ruling empire with something that benefits all life on this earth, but out of a desire to feel good about themselves. It’s not a real battle for them, it’s just a titillating ego game. A hobby, no different from any other.

Dissident Circles Too Often Become Another Nerdy Hobby Group

“Politics should change you. Revolutionary thought should transform you. Dismantling establishment narratives about the world should dismantle your own narratives about yourself.”

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) May 19, 2020

If this is you, that’s fine. Humanity is asleep in a whole host of ways, and it wouldn’t be fair to single you out as uniquely awful when you’re not any different from the vast majority of people. But at the very least please do try and be real with yourself about it.

If this is not you, and you really are in this fight to win it, then you should be spending every day doing everything you can to hone yourself into the perfect weapon in that fight.

If this were a revolution that is fought with physical weaponry, then you should be training every day to use those weapons effectively in that revolution. But this is not a revolution that is being fought with physical weaponry. The frontline of this revolution is propaganda, and the guerrilla psywar that we are fighting against it.

As I never tire of saying, the only thing keeping the imperial status quo in place is propaganda. People would never consent to the exploitation, inequality and murderousness that is intrinsic to the US-centralized empire if they were not propagandized into consenting to it;

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