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05-08-20 08:13:00,

The Southeast Asian nation of Thailand has in recent years “tilted” too far toward China for Washington’s liking.

Now, the familiar signs of US-backed covert regime change are evident in Thailand’s streets. Protests are openly targeting Thailand’s current government as well as its military and constitutional monarchy. Protests are similar to US-backed unrest seen recently in Hong Kong and are becoming more frequent despite their poor attendance and an overall protest-weary public.

Despite the superficial and deliberately ambiguous stated goals of protesters – the real goal of US-backed unrest in Thailand is similar to its motivations for sowing chaos in Hong Kong – to pressure Beijing by attacking China’s stability directly and the stability of its most important trading partners and military allies which currently includes Thailand.

Thailand – with the second largest economy in ASEAN – has boosted ties with China significantly in recent years – China being Thailand’s primary export and import partner, providing Thailand the majority of its foreign direct investment, tourism, the majority of its arms purchases in a recent bid to modernize it military, and in the construction of major infrastructure projects including a high-speed railway system that will extend China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative deep into Southeast Asia.

Thailand has also openly and repeatedly refused to join US efforts to pressure Beijing regarding issues like the South China Sea.

It is obvious why the US would want to pursue regime change in Thailand – and failing that – what lies behind its desire to plunge the nation into disastrous chaos denying it and China any prospect of stability or prosperity.

Western Media Seeks Secrecy for Protest Leaders, Sponsors

The Western media was all too happy to report on a “Harry Potter” themed protest at Democracy Monument in Bangkok on August 3. Protest leader Anon Nampa openly criticized Thailand’s key independent institutions including the military and the monarchy.

US government-funded front – Prachatai – extensively covered the small protest in its article, “The revolution will be magical: Harry Potter-themed protest calls for monarchy reform” despite the protest clearly drawing less than 100 people.

What the Western media and US-funded fronts didn’t mention was who Anon Nampa is,

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