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07-08-20 06:45:00,

Big Pharma in cahoots with Big Media and Big Government want a known COVID-19 cure suppressed.

Why? Because an effective treatment is readily available, cheap, and if widely used to treat the disease or taken prophylactically to prevent it, Big Pharma’s aim to cash in big from harmful to human health mass-vaxxing will fail.

A potential multi-billion dollar market potential is at stake, a prize Big Pharma profiteers don’t want to lose — aided and abetted by government officials and establishment media.

A campaign is underway — ClinicalTrials.gov — to manipulate the public mind with fake news about vaccines in development that are likely to be available in the coming months.

Suppressing potential hazards to human health from mass-vaxxing, information about a safe and effective COVID-19 cure is suppressed.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with either azithromycin or doxycycline and zinc is highly effective.

HCQ has been around for decades. It’s widely available in generic form, cheap, and safe when used early after COVID-19 infection is diagnosed.

Emergency care physician Simone Gold MD founded America’s Frontline Doctors.

She was fired after appearing with other HCQ truth-telling physician members of the group by video in a White Coat Summit that went viral — explaining the drug’s effectiveness.

On August 2, she tweeted:

“After our press conference (via video), I was defamed by the media, censored by social media companies, terminated from employment, and viciously attacked, all for advocating for the right of physicians to prescribe what they believe is best for their patients.”

She and other White Coat Summit doctors explained HCQ’s effectiveness based on their own experience in using it to treat COVID-19 patients.

By video, Gold said

“(w)e’re here because we feel as though the American people have not heard from all the expertise that’s out there, all across our country.”

“We’re America’s Frontline Doctors…here only to help American patients, and the American nation.”

White Coat Summit participant Dr. Stella Immanuel’s remarks were dramatic and important for everyone to know, saying the following:

“Any study that says hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work is fake science.”

“…I want them to show me how it doesn’t work.

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