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The heated debate within Western governments about the best way to fight what they regard as “propaganda” has recently taken a disturbing turn towards intimidation of the outlets accused of peddling such information products and even discussions about their possible censorship, but if they were really sincere in combating this menace while staying true to their “democratic” principles, then they’d work on improving their citizens’ media literacy so that they could make up their own minds about the veracity of the various articles that they come across expressing non-mainstream views on contentious topics.

One of the cornerstones of Western soft power is the notion that people within this part of the world have the “freedom” to live as they like so long as they do so responsibly in ways that don’t endanger others, yet this idea is being discredited by Western governments themselves in their fight against what they regard as “propaganda”. The outlets accused of peddling such vaguely defined information products have recently been victimized by a coordinated intimidation campaign that disturbingly hints at their possible censorship after they’ve been defamed as allegedly participating in a far-reaching Russian military intelligence operation across cyberspace. Even though no charges have been filed against the individuals supposedly connected to this plot, that hasn’t stopped the Western governments from trying to ruin their lives.

Shadowy Investigations

OneWorld was one such target of these efforts, the first of which was launched against it and the author personally in December 2019 by the website “EU vs Disinfo“, described on its page as “the flagship project of the European External Action Service’s East StratCom Task Force“, in its defamatory hit piece titled “One World, One Author, One Chain Of Command“. This was followed up by a BBC investigation in early June of this year that was never published after OneWorld released its response to the provocative questions that it received by email under the title “OneWorld’s Response To The BBC: It’s Shameful To Try To Intimidate Our Contributors!” The next attack came later that month from a shadowy “NGO” called “EU Disinfo Lab”, which published a report about “How Two Information Portals Hide Their Ties To The Russian News Agency InfoRos“.

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