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By Peter A. Kirby

Textron Incorporated has serious implications for the development and execution of today’s New Manhattan Project. The company’s founder was the nephew of Arthur D. Little. Their Bell Aerospace divisions were acquired by a future chairman of the United States Federal Reserve Bank. They have serious connections to former Nazis. Today Textron trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TXT and their main business operations are in aerospace and specifically military aerospace including the production of drone aircraft. To gain the deepest of understandings here, please refer to the new, greatly revised and expanded second edition of the author’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project, available exclusively at Amazon.

From little acorns…

Textron was founded in 1943 by a man named Royal Little (1896-1989). Royal Little was the nephew of Arthur D. Little (1863-1935). Arthur D. Little was the proprietor of the eponymous research corporation, Arthur D. Little, Inc. As readers of this work already know, Arthur D. Little, Inc. sponsored lots of early New Manhattan Project research. Arthur D. Little also staunchly supported and suggested the original name of the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. Arthur D. Little’s role in the formation of the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) is significant because it appears that the RCSA has produced much of the basic science that has gone into today’s New Manhattan Project (NMP). Royal Little had been raised almost as a son to Arthur D. Little and Royal Little served on the Arthur D. Little, Inc. board of directors.

Royal Little

From early on, Textron was a defense contractor. Their main business was the production of the synthetic fabric rayon, and during World War II they produced rayon parachutes for the Air Force. The name ‘Textron’ means to connote ‘textiles made from synthetics.’ Arthur D. Little was one of the chemists that invented rayon. The fact that Textron is a defense contractor from early on is of interest to our investigation because mountains of evidence indicates that the New Manhattan Project has been a Department of Defense production.

Although their earliest business operations pertained exclusively to rayon production,

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