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Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D.

First let’s check the deaths so far, that are officially attributed to COVID-19. I’m using the Worldometer website as source, it gives daily deaths. Comparing the US with the UK, France, Italy and Sweden we express them as deaths per million, or which some may prefer, as percentages. The UK – oddly enough – comes out top:

UK           825 deaths / million  =0.08% of population

Italy        582     “                        =0.06% of population

Sweden 558    “                         =0.06% of population

USA        482      “                        =0.05%   of population

France   452.   “                          =0.05%  of population

So all the convulsions of the USA, practically destroying the very fabric of its civilization, was for the deaths of merely 0.05% of the populace – over a six- month period!  The average age of these ‘COVID deaths’ has been generally around eighty.

A ‘PCR test’ is given, from which a yes/no answer will emerge. This test will obtain a strip of your DNA and somehow multiply it – the method discovered in 1984 by Kary Mullis. But, how the presence of an alleged virus is thereby inferred, remains obscure. I’d guess that no reader has read any account of this which makes sense. Whatever it is that is ‘detected’ by this test, you are then ‘positive’. This means (a) you must stay at home for two weeks, and (b) if you’ve just come into a hospital – which is when most of these test are done – then if you die you will be registered as having died of COVID-19. That’s the clever bit. So this hoax plays on the very fear of death itself. No wonder it works so well.

Nearly all COVID ‘deaths’ have been reported as due to very diverse conditions: old age, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, pneumonia etc. There was an insightful report by some Swiss doctors who concluded that a ‘real’ phenomenon was here present, but it comprised about 4% of all the COVID deaths:

only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions’.

For the total of American COVID-related deaths, presently 482 per million: if the phenomenon really exists then we should take 4% of that figure,

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