Updated Covid-19 data


14-08-20 03:14:00,

Several SPR documents on Covid-19 have been updated recently:

  1. The summary of Covid facts is now available in Chinese and in Malay and has been updated in Spanish.
  2. The Covid early treatment protocol has been updated to include ivermectin and favipiravir, of which first treatment successes have been reported. Early treatment by primary care doctors continues to be one of the most important pandemic policies.
  3. The section on cloth facemask effectiveness now includes a video illustrating the aerosol issue and a chart illustrating the case of Hawaii (surging cases despite mandatory masks, similar to California, Japan, Spain and other places).
  4. The Covid lethality study overview has a new section on places with and without a partial or total collapse of local health and elderly care. The former obviously report much higher IFR values, which drop by about 60% as soon as the situation is under control. On the plus side, places like India and Kenya have reported very low IFRs (

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