The Greatest Excuse on Earth


16-08-20 09:07:00,

By Robert Cinque

It’s not my junk food diet, it’s the virus.

It’s not 5g radiation poisoning, chemtrails, fluoride, vaccination, pesticides, GMOs, air pollution, lack of sunshine, fresh water and organic food, it’s the virus.

The “pandemic” is based on the willingness of billions of people to blame a virus for their problems.

It’s not my overwhelmed immune system, highly toxic pharmaceutical drugs, depleted uranium dust in the air, it’s the virus.

Since ancient times, people have been controlled by their fears and by their refusal to face them and instead, to be saved by religion, science and now, the vaccine.

Irresponsible, clueless, childish people become cowards and weaklings when they fail to be responsible for themselves and instead, turn to the “authorities” and their “solution”.

The cold, hard, brutal fact is that no one and no thing can save you. You can’t save yourself either. That’s because “you”, the one you think you are, is the problem.

You are the problem because you have identified with an idea about yourself that is false. You have assumed that you are an object, a thing, a biological organism when this is not, nor ever has been, true. Because of this, you are motivated to survive and to be saved from pain and death. You are afraid and therefore are gullible and easily manipulated.  You believe what you are told by those whom you are desperate to believe, even when they lie to you.

You believe that the Twin Towers came down from airplane impacts and fires because really smart people told you so. Instead of having confidence in what you observed, you believed the not-even-good-enough-to-be-laughable official government (govern mind) explanation.

Steel melts at 2800 degrees Farenheit. Kerosene jet fuel burns at 800 degrees.

Something doesn’t quite add up here.

The problem, which is much bigger and deeper than any virus is this:  a flaw in your Operating System.

The Flaw: In the absence of your awareness of yourself as Eternal Infinite Radiant Ecstatic Consciousness and Unlimited Radical Free Blissful Imagination, a child/juvenile self that is asleep like a caterpillar in a cocoon is formed and becomes the default mechanism running your life and every decision you make.

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