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17-08-20 08:20:00,

source: https://www.penza.kp.ru/daily/217165/4266019/gain/

translated by Engländer, corrected by Eugenia, for the Saker Blog

Komsomolskaya Pravda has become aware of sensation details about how Ukrainian spies tried to sow discord between Belarus and Russia.

Investigation by Alesandr Kots

On the 29th July 33 Russians were detained in Minsk. They were all dubbed members of a unit of the “Wagner” PMC (private military company), accused of “preparing to take part in mass unrest” and tied to the case of the local opposition leaders Sergei Tikhanovskiy and Nikolai Statkevich, who had been detained earlier. Most of this group had fought in Donbass for a militia, and Kiev had already requested their extradition. Meanwhile a thorough examination of Russian law-enforcement agencies shows that the men, who had decided to earn some money working abroad as guards, had without knowing it been used.

So, this is how these “33 warriors” ended up in Minsk.

//When the Belarussian secret services detained the Russians, they didn’t even suspect that it was for pictures like this that the men had been lured to Minsk. Frame from a video-capture.///


According to the information of our source in the Russian secret services, the group’s recruitment began with a call from Syria. A certain “Sergei Petrovich” was ringing around former (and that’s important) soldiers of the so-called “Wagner” private military company with a tempting offer to work as guards on oil installations in Syria.

The number that showed up on the soldiers’ cellphones did indeed contain the dialling code of the Arab Republic (+963-931-42-562), however, as became clear later, it was a virtual number. It’s not registered in any cellular communication networks, and determining its location is impossible; only its outgoing calls are accessible.

“Sergei Petrovich” spared no effort in calling around the “soldiers of fortune” and enquiring about their military past. He pretended that had to show a certain level of their experience and preparation. Like a sophisticated psychologist, he practically conducted reconnaissance interviews, flaunting his knowledge of events and facts such that one could conclude that this definitely was one of the bosses of the “Wagner” PMC, or even a high-ranking official at the Ministry of Defence. A colonel, at minimum!

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