FOOD CRISIS: China Forces Recycling Food, Restaurant Rationing, And Social Media Censorship


21-08-20 09:58:00,

By Ice Age Farmer

China has launched a “CLEAN YOUR PLATE” campaign, indicating that we are entering a global food crisis and moreover that it is YOUR fault for wasting too much food. Eating shows are being censored from the internet, and social media sites are telling users to “value food.” Restaurants are limited, no longer able to serve meals to each person!

And “AgriFoodTech” companies are working to “Upcycle” food waste and FEED IT BACK TO YOU as other foods … or even an innocent looking cup of coffee.

Christian breaks down this next-level nanny state encroachments and this latest salvo — which sets the tone for the rest of the world — in the war on food.

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