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The Coda Story – a media front funded and created by and for the US government, its “Atlanticist” partners, and the corporate interests driving the vast majority of Western foreign policy – recently ran a smear against alternative media figures questioning the US-led “Uyghur-Xinjiang” narrative.

The smear is part of a wider campaign aimed at anyone questioning Washington’s Uyghur-Xinjiang narrative and the US’ attempt to use it to undermine China.

These smears follow a very specific playbook. Step one – deny there is a terrorism problem in Xinjiang, China. Step two – cite reports based entirely on anecdotal stories. Step three – never mention these stories and reports are created wholly by US-based, US government-funded organizations.

Step One: Deny Terrorism in Xinjiang   

The article, “Pro-Beijing influencers and their rose-tinted view of life in Xinjiang,” claims, amid the first victim of its smear – Jerry Grey – that:

Grey, who is a former London Metropolitan police officer, admitted that he found Xinjiang’s surveillance network and continual police checks oppressive. “It was a pain in the butt,” he said. “But at no stage were they ever abusive.”

I asked him if he would willingly live under a draconian regime of surveillance and arbitrary detention like the one that operates in Xinjiang, controlling the region’s Muslim population under the guise of combating terrorism.

“Under the guise of combating terrorism?”

Terrorism in Xinjiang carried out by extremists radicalized by US, Saudi, and Turkish programs is real.

Even the Western media whose lies today Coda seeks to buttress have previously admitted the large scale and frequency of terrorism in China’s Xinjiang region.

In the BBC’s 2014 article, “Why is there tension between China and the Uighurs?,” alone it was admitted that (emphasis added):

In June 2012, six Uighurs reportedly tried to hijack a plane from Hotan to Urumqi before they were overpowered by passengers and crew. 

There was bloodshed in April 2013 and in June that year, 27 people died in Shanshan county after police opened fire on what state media described as a mob armed with knives attacking local government buildings

At least 31 people were killed and more than 90 suffered injuries in May 2014 when two cars crashed through an Urumqi market and explosives were tossed into the crowd.

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