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23-08-20 05:40:00,

According to the Institute for Policy Studies: “Since March 18, the beginning of the pandemic,” the 12 richest Americans “have seen their combined wealth increase $283 billion, an increase of almost 40 percent.”

Those 12 people primarily benefited from the two-party unanimously approved CARES Act, which was an unprecedented looting of taxpayer wealth under the guise of being a “taxpayer relief bill.”

Meanwhile, poverty, debt, hunger, depression & suicide rates have all skyrocketed. Primarily because tens of millions of people have had their livelihoods destroyed by mandated government policies.

In response to all of this, Congress has now gone on an extended vacation without doing ANYTHING to help their constituencies survive or recover from the direct policies that they enacted.

Meet the “Oligarchic Twelve / Despotic Dozen:”

  • [numbers measured in billions of dollars]
  • Name | Wealth 3/18 | Wealth Now | Gain
  • Jeff Bezos 113b | 189b | +76b
  • Bill Gates 98b | 114b | +16b
  • Mark Zuckerberg 55b | 96b | +41b
  • Warren Buffett 68b | 81b | +13b
  • Elon Musk 25b | 73b | +48b
  • Steve Ballmer 53b | 71b | +18b
  • Larry Ellison 59b | 71b | +12b
  • Larry Page 51b | 67b | +16b
  • Sergey Brin 49b | 66b | +17b
  • Alice Walton 54b | 63b | +9b
  • Jim Walton 55b | 62b | +7b
  • Rob Walton 54b | 62b | +8b

Never let a crisis go to waste!!

Do you grasp how unprecedented & obscene this is?

For the richest people to increase their net worth by 40% over such a short time period, while the country is in quarantine & the economy is locked down, is a Crime Against Humanity.

While “56.2 million workers sought unemployment aid” during a pandemic, these people experienced the greatest wealth increase rate ever!!

BOTH parties are completely on board with all of this… while children are starving, while tens of millions of people are buried in debt that they will never get out of, our political class is vacationing,

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