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25-08-20 07:43:00,

Longstanding US plans earmarked Belarus for regime change, wanting pro-Western puppet rule in another nation bordering Russia.

There’s nothing spontaneous about mass protests that erupt in nations the US wants transformed into client states.

They’re most likely to occur in the run-up to and/or after elections in which a pro-Western US chosen candidate is unlikely or unable to defeat an incumbent dark forces in Washington want toppled.

On August 9, longtime Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko defeated opposition challenger Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya in an election he was expected to win.

His inflated eight-to-one majority triumph created an opportunity for prearranged protesters to cry foul in Minsk streets.

Historian, former UK envoy, human rights activist Craig Murray believes Lukashenko was reelected handily “with over 60% of the vote.”

Tsikhanouskaya’s claim that she triumphed by over a 60% majority amounted to reading lines scripted by her US handlers.

She lost. He won, but likely by much less than an 80% majority.

Orchestrated daily protests have been ongoing since the August 9 presidential election, most likely to continue ahead.

US regime change plots don’t quit until achieving success or they’re foiled.

Russia is highly unlikely to allow another US client state to emerge on its border without acting to prevent it.

On Sunday, Sergey Lavrov explained that Washington seeks to gain control over Belarus, adding:

In cahoots with its NATO partners, the Trump regime is “trying to redraw Belarus according to (its) own design.”

“(W)e will not be against any decision that the Belarusian leadership will make regarding dialogue with its population.”

“When the West says that only mediation with the participation of Western countries will be effective, everyone remembers how it was in Ukraine, where Western mediation turned into a complete (unwillingness of the Obama regime) to negotiate.”

Moscow supports Lukashenko’s proposal for dialogue with opposition elements on constitutional reform.

Belarusians need no external interference in their internal affairs, what’s been going on for the past two weeks.

Lukashenko accused the US-led West of attempting to destabilize the country, including by deploying NATO forces close to its borders.

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