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While US regime change in Syria appears to be a terminal failure, various propaganda ploys used to sell the war continue in the hopes that – at the very least – such ploys can be polished and improved upon when and where the US turns its attention next.

One of these ploys includes an ongoing “trial” in Germany against Syrians accused of war crimes.

Al Jazeera in an article titled, “World’s first Syria torture trial opens in Germany,” would claim:

The world’s first trial of a senior member of the Syrian military for war crimes got under way in Germany on Thursday, despite ongoing restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The accused – Anwar Raslan, a former colonel in the Syrian military, and co-defendant Eyad al-Gharib, who allegedly worked under Raslan, had been living in Germany as refugees and were arrested in February last year.

Al Jazeera would add:

“The trial will provide an overall picture of the crimes committed by the Syrian government,” Wolfgang Kaleck, a lawyer whose Berlin-based organisation, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, will represent 16 witnesses – Syrian survivors of torture and former detainees – said in a statement before the trial.

The article also notes that:

Germany is using a legal principle called universal jurisdiction to trial Raslan and al-Gharib.

This allows German prosecutors to work on war crimes cases, whether they have a close connection to Germany or not.

Universal jurisdiction could result in an alternative means for the international community to bring war criminals to account.

Abusing universal jurisdiction for war propaganda would be a valuable tool in the hands of the United States and its Western allies who find themselves increasingly unable to find approval and support for various wars of aggression, interventions, and regime change campaigns within the halls of international organizations like the United Nations.

It should be noted that Al Jazeera is owned and operated by the Qatari government – one of several governments directly involved in the aiding and arming of US-backed militants attempting to overthrow the Syrian government.

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