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By MassPrivateI

The Concord Monitor’s article about 50 businesses and 50 solutions on automated kiosks, is really an article praising a corporation for exploiting peoples fears during a pandemic.

When the pandemic hit, the team at Advanced Kiosks realized that they had more opportunity for growth than ever before. With social distancing quickly becoming the norm, all sorts of businesses that had previously resisted automation were looking for innovative ways to deliver services without person-to-person interactions.

Advanced Kiosks growth is tied to giving the public an illusion of safety.

“We’ve been seeing people realize that they want to provide goods and services, but need to do it in a way that’s safe for patrons and staff,” said Jeff LeBlanc, director of user experience for Advanced Kiosks.

Government agencies want to install “Guardian Kiosks” in town halls and DMVs across the country.

Entities ranging from government branches like town halls and DMVs to ski resorts began reaching out to Advanced Kiosks to see what solutions were available to keep them and their customers safe.

As the article mentions, the Guardian Kiosk measures body temperature using thermal imaging. Since this can be done from 3 to 5 feet away, it’s a safe way to screen people without having to break social-distancing requirements.

But there is more to this story than government agencies and businesses using thermal imaging kiosks and enforcing social distancing.

Advanced Kiosks website reveals that Guardian Kiosks do more than just identify whether or not a person is wearing a mask and observing social distancing.

Facial recognition, built on state of the art artificial intelligence methods, can optionally be used to see if a person is known to the kiosk.

This is a perfect example of how facial recognition/thermal imaging machines give the illusion of public safety. If a device can identify a person using facial recognition and remember who they are, then everyone’s privacy is at risk.

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Credit: Advanced Kiosks

A standard feature of Guardian Kiosks is that they come with a “facial recognition library of 30,000 faces;

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