What Is Gilead’s Role In The War On Hydroxychloroquine?


27-08-20 07:39:00,

Authored by Antonio Chaves via AmericanThinker.com,

Is Gilead, the maker of Remdesivir, waging war on HCQ (hydroxychloroquine)?

Attacks on the drug have been continuous ever since Dr. Didier Raoult used this quinine derivative to save the lives of COVID-19 patients last March.

The first attempt to discredit HCQ was a hastily compiled Veterans Administration hospital system study last April. Notably, one of the study’s authors had in the past received numerous grants from Gilead, with one grant in 2018 totaling nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

After deep flaws in the VA study were exposedSurgisphere came to the rescue in May with a “15,000 patient” megastudy allegedly compiled from hospitals all over the world.

This strategy succeeded: Following its publication in the Lancet and the NEJM, all outpatient use of HCQ was severely restricted in the U.S., Australia, and most of Europe.

When the Surgisphere scam was exposed, both articles were quietly retracted and the editor-in-chief of the Lancet tried to wash his hands of this embarrassing incident by denouncing Surgisphere’s “monumental fraud.”

However only a few days earlier, Lancet editors played a major role in persuading WHO to suspend all trials for HCQ. Who put them up to it?

The study’s main author, Mandeep Mehra, also apologized for his reliance on a third party for the data.  He may not have known the data was fabricated, but the hospital he directed was conducting two trials for Remdesivir. Was he under pressure from his sponsors?

These are the stakes:

  • A five-day treatment with Remdesivir costs around $3,000.

  • A five-day supply of generic HCQ costs around $10.

Drug companies have every right to recoup their cost of research and development, but lobbying to suppress access to a lifesaving treatment that is both cheaper and more effective is a crime against humanity.

Progressives mistakenly believe that socialized medicine protects patients from the abuses of big pharma,

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