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28-08-20 07:20:00,

Jack Mullen

The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.” – 1984

A dangerous wave of totalitarianism is spreading across Western Civilization. Disguised as a deadly disease, the controllers are using mind-control to dominate and control the weak of mind. Usurping governments, the occupying tyrants have taken total control of the media and positioned themselves as authorities. Pretending concern and community love – they have overthrown the normal pathways by which the masses obtain reality based information concerning their world.

Masquerading as concerned government stewards managing the safety and well being of the people they serve –  a malevolent empathy-devoid wolf in Grandma’s clothing is quietly stalking the primary builders and maintainers of middle class civilization.

By enlisting the easily hypnotized and weak of mind as an army of masked zombies, these zombie soldiers soon will be used to forcibly confront and scapegoat the Intelligent, productive, creative, Christian (even Christian Zionists), and still employed members of society for being the cause of a continued lock down and for the spread of coronavirus.

Trance Formed

The army of zombies wearing masks all day long, outside, inside, alone in their cars, and at home are being carefully programmed – forming a trance.  A trance caused by weaponized trauma-based mind control techniques developed by the various military intelligence agencies. This trance has formed after 30 years of never ending parade of false flag traumatic events to condition the mind. Repetitive trauma has caused a trance state in minds of those vulnerable and susceptible.

These zombies are dangerous and will become violent and brutal when they are turned on those who still try to preserve Western culture and its civilization.

One can observe how the weak-minded and genetically predisposed (single mothers and female caretakers) were organized to work toward disarming America in the growing anti-gun movement. A move, which, if successful, will exposed the very same women and their children to even more violence since the people who could defend their family, friends, and country will be disarmed. These women are seeking an irrational end, which, in the end,

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