Netanyahu Forces Set Fire in the Liberated Area of the Golan


31-08-20 09:47:00,

Netanyahu forces set fire today at dawn on the barbed wire fence east of the occupied town of Majdal Shams, the Golan, in the northern Quneitra countryside, which led to the explosion of a landmine.

The fire, which was set by the Israeli occupation soldiers, spread to the east of the barbed wire fence in the liberated lands, opposite Majdal Shams, and affected agricultural and pastoral lands in the northern countryside of Quneitra, which led to the explosion of a landmine, as per the Syrian news agency SANA.

The Quneitra and Al-Haraj firefighters went to the area to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to the lands and surrounding woods in the area, SANA added in its report.

Israelis are living tense times these days since Netanyahu killed a soldier of Hezb Allah near Damascus on the 20th of July, last month in a bombing by fighter jets gifted to Israel by the US taxpayers.

Hezb Allah set a rule of deterrence that stipulates for each of the attacks against any of its facilities a counter-attack against an Israeli IDF terrorists’ facility will be carried out, each of its soldiers killed by an Israeli attack, an Israeli IDF terrorist will be killed in a counter-attack. This deterrence rules have spared Lebanon and much of Syria series of Israeli bombing and aggression since its last major aggression in 2006 which failed miserably and sent shockwaves throughout the foreign imported radical Zionist settlers on stolen Palestinian land.

Without a reminder of the rules of deterrence this time, Netanyahu forces fled the border sites and went on high alert since the July bombing anticipating Hezb Allah’s retaliation. Netanyahu tried to offer a number of targets for the Hezb soldiers to blow up for media stunts and call it even, the Lebanese resistance party insists on applying the Torah ruling: An eye for an eye.

The latest of such Netanyahu’s desperate stunts was sending a humanoid, a remotely controlled robot in the shape of an IDF terrorist in uniform, to the borderline with south Lebanon to fool Hezb soldiers, who instead shared a video showing the plot and humiliating the already embattled Netanyahu.

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