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31-08-20 10:05:00,


The United States, in the fourth year of the Trump presidency, is in near anarchy.

On April 29, 2020, a 600-car caravan, mostly trucks, from the ‘suburbs’ of Portland, Oregon, drove through town on what was ostensibly a Trump political rally.

Demonstrating in town, and at this time no one is sure exactly what is being demonstrated for or against, were a few hundred “stragglers.”  The real demonstrations had ended some time ago, moved on elsewhere.

Activists fighting racism had been superseded by others, the bored, the unemployed and those with broader issues against America’s love affair with fascism, under the guise of neoconservatism.

Those driving through town were not really what one would consider suburban.  One typically thinks of suburbs as affluent, educated, mostly “white” middle management, small business owners and skilled factory labor.

What came into town was not so much suburban but rural.  Rural America is largely the permanently unemployed, those suffering from substance abuse issues, the uneducated but, as with typical inner cities, rural Americans are “white.”

Rural America is, in fact, the ghetto for white people.

In Portland, one person was killed, no one yet knows who or why, as those out on the streets, the car caravan, the stragglers, all pretty much marginalized members of society, and if one would check, an equal smattering of felony convictions, weapons charges and failed lives.

But what constitutes a failed life in the United States?  Depending on the standard and one’s values and sense of clarity, everyone but Donald Trump is a failure, which Donald Trump reminds all of us of every single day.

Not everyone can be a “super genius,” who (according to Trump’s own sister) hired someone to take his college entrance exams and, most probably, do all his work as well.

America is about privilege, not so obvious as Britain where the scoundrels of yesteryear leave titles and properties and the inherent privileges therein ensconced to their miserable progeny.

To be a success in the US, it is necessary for one to adhere one’s self to privilege, giving up any and all pretense of individuality or conscience.  One must become ruthlessly aggressive, on behalf of overlords initially and as one gains the skill and trust of the Deep State,

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