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09-09-20 08:45:00,

Some updates on the lacking effectiveness of facemasks:

  1. The much-cited WHO meta-study on facemasks, which claimed an 80% risk reduction and was instrumental in the global facemask policy shift, has turned out to be seriously flawed and “essentially useless”. The WHO meta-study fooled health authorities, “experts” and the media around the world. Read more about this latest health policy fiasco.
  2. In the US state of Kansas, the 90 counties without mask mandates had lower coronavirus infection rates than the 15 counties with mask mandates. To hide this fact, the Kansas health department tried to manipulate the official statistics and data presentation.
  3. Austrian professor Franz Allerberger found that the introduction, removal and re-introduction of mandatory facemasks in Austria had no influence at all on the coronavirus infection rate.

Given the rather clear evidence against the effectiveness of facemasks in the general population, health authorities should no longer assume or suggest that facemasks will reduce the rate or risk of infection.

Read more: WHO mask study seriously flawed and Face Masks – The Evidence

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