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Nineteen years ago today, on September 9th, 2001, two days prior to the tragic events of 9/11, the Global Research website was launched at

We started up in late August with a handmade web design on FrontPage.  A student in philosophy gave me a hand in drafting the home page and putting the project online. (See below for screenshot.)

On the morning of September 8,  I took a two hour “crash course” on the use of file transfer FTP software from a young software specialist, who taught me how to upload articles to the website.

Among our first articles was a coverage of the events surrounding 9/11 and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan on October 7.

(Viewable here:

From these modest beginnings, with virtually no resources, the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) has evolved into a dynamic research and independent online media group.

So much has changed since 2001, but the need for independent voices reporting on issues of global concern remains, and is perhaps more important now than ever before in’s 19 years online.

We are the crossroads of a global crisis which must be understood and analyzed in all its complexities.

Our thanks to our authors from all major regions of the World, from all walks of life, from committed independent voices, journalists, scholars, scientists, college and high school students, human rights and anti-war activists, environmentalists. Over the years, more than 25,000 authors have contributed to Global Research (in English, French and Spanish as well as in other languages).

There is an ongoing campaign against independent media including Global Research.

Truth is a powerful and “peaceful weapon”.

On our 19th Birthday, Freedom of Expression Must Prevail.

Michel Chossudovsky, September 9, 2020

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On behalf of the Global Research team, we extend our sincere thanks for your continued support and encouragement over all these years!

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