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14-09-20 04:33:00,

By Janet Phelan

There are increasing incidents of angry confrontations between those refusing to wear a mask and those who maintain that masks are protecting them from imminent illness and death. Shaming has become a regular mechanism on social media, as the masked accuse the unmasked of endangering their lives.

In some stores, police are being called to resolve the presence of an unmasked shopper.

Sometimes the confrontations are turning violent. In Manhattan Beach, a woman threw scalding coffee in a man’s bare face.

The violence is not contained to masked-on-unmasked assaults. In this incident, a woman asked another to wear her mask and was brutally assaulted by the unmasked, who threw her to the floor and broke her leg.

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Amidst the rising tensions in confrontations between the masked and the mask refuseniks, an organization has stepped forward to offer a template for lodging a federal lawsuit claiming damages caused by forcing masks on or denying services to those unwilling or unable to wear them.

According to Frank Waldo at, the free lawsuit template can be filled in and filed against any business or government entity that mandates mask wearing.

To quote directly from the lawsuit,

In enacting said mask mandates, Plaintiff proffers, these same municipalities have opened the door for discrimination against those with certain medical and other disabilities, which may prevent individuals, such as Plaintiff, from full compliance with said mandates.

Count One in the lawsuit template references the Americans with Disabilities Act, and states that the exclusion due to refusal to don a mask constitutes a violation of the ADA, as the Plaintiff’s medical condition precludes mask wearing. Count Two cites 42 USC 1983, which refers to a flat out denial of civil liberties secured by the Constitution. Count Three cites “Intentional Infliction of Mental Distress” as caused by the Defendant in refusing the Plaintiff normal access to the business or government location.

Fraudstoppers is offering a mediation service in these cases. “Let’s say you are suing Walmart for a hundred grand and they want to mediate,

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