Capitalism, Assange, And More Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


17-09-20 01:27:00,

Capitalism will keep getting more and more unjust and exploitative until people force its end. You can try making it about elite globalist conspiracies and corrupt governments all you want, but ultimately it’s really just capitalism following its natural and inevitable course.

This is why I often avoid making our world’s problems about specific individuals; our world’s problems are not about specific individuals. You could get rid of all the individuals currently screwing us and if you kept the same systems they’d be replaced almost instantly.

People whose ideology prohibits them from admitting capitalism is responsible for humanity’s existential crises need to make up other reasons for those crises. It’s the globalists. It’s the Jews. It’s corrupt politicians. No, it’s just capitalism doing what capitalism has to do. There are no specific groups or individuals you could eliminate from the equation to make capitalism move in a healthy way. As long as depravity is profitable and human behavior is driven by profit, humanity will always necessarily follow a depraved trajectory.

This doesn’t mean criticisms of individuals are invalid, they’re just not striking the root. Get rid of all the elites poisoning the world today and if you leave the same systems in place we’ll find ourselves getting screwed by the Whateverski family and some guy named O’Donnell.

So many of the popular theories in today’s conspiracy circles ultimately boil down to “Oh no, the elites are ruining the capitalism!”

No they’re not. They are perfectly embodying it.


The Assange case is this generation’s Nelson Mandela moment. Get on the right side of it or be forever judged by history.


Every news outlet and every journalist who is not speaking out for Assange with urgency and force is admitting they have no intention of ever challenging power in any meaningful way; they’re saying this trial poses no threat to them. They are admitting they are propagandists.


It’s so interesting how all these pedantic little transnational legal quibbles about Assange and WikiLeaks can be stitched together into a prosecution whose end result just so happens to look exactly the same as powerful governments imprisoning a journalist for exposing US war crimes.


The Assange trial looks different when you realize it’s actually just a collaborative performance by the US and UK governments to explain why it’s good to jail journalists for telling the truth.

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