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The prospect of adverse effects of wireless radiation on the human body has sparked fears about 5G technology in Switzerland.

The country is at the forefront of the 5G rollout in Europe, installing over 2,000 antennas last year alone.

However, the speed of the implementation is slowing down over some people’s concerns that the technology might be harming them.

In Nyon, on the banks of Lake Geneva, local resident Anna Frusciante, who is electro-hypersensitive, pointed out to Euronews the number of new antennas.

According to the WHO, those who claim to suffer from electro-hypersensitivity report a variety of health problems, which they relate to being exposed to electromagnetic frequencies, such as mobile phone signals. While some report mild symptoms like rashes and skin irritation, others are so severely affected that they change their entire lifestyle.

Anna is worried about the invisible effects that the antennas, she ays, are having on her.

“This is one of the latest antennas installed in Nyon. It is right in the city centre, on a residential building. It is also close to a secondary school building,” she explained.

Being electro-hypersensitive, like around 10% of the Swiss population, cost Anna her previous job – and forced her to move from place to place.

She has lived with her mother for over a year now, but she is about to move again.

“In mid-April last year, I struggled to sleep again. I had palpitations. And after three days I was exhausted. Then someone told me, there is a 5G antenna in Nyon.

“I looked at the official map, looked at the address, and it turned out that this antenna was 200 meters from my bedroom.

“I put my bed back in the car and returned to sleeping in the woods as before, when I did not know how to protect myself,” she said.

5G Rollout

5G has been launched in 17 countries in Europe, including Switzerland, Norway and the UK.

But the new technology, promising a hyper-connected world, is still being tested.

In Switzerland, 90 per cent of the territory is covered by standard 5G,

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