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Continuous wearing of masks aggravates the risk of infection. 

This statement is based on scientific and medical analysis.  

The air, once exhaled, is heated, humidified and charged with CO2. It becomes a perfect culture medium for infectious agents (bacteria, fungi, viruses).

Studies have shown that the porosity (microscopic holes) of the masks allows exhaled germs to accumulate on the external surface of the mask. Not only do we re-inhale our own CO2, but by touching our mask all the time (an inevitable gesture), we spread germs everywhere!

Forcing everyone to wear them all the time, while the epidemic is in a process of decline, is a scientific and medical aberration!

A pharmaceutical analysis has shown that in masks for personal use, there are “staphylococci, streptococci, neisseria, bacilli which contribute to contaminatation…”

Non-pharmaceutical Interventions”.

Masks with gloves, physical distancing (1.5 -2.0 m) and containment (lockdown) are part of so-called “Non-pharmaceutical Interventions“.

Masks are considered by governments as a “protection against the transmission of Covid-19”. It is better to wear a mask (any mask) than nothing. People are instructed to obey the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. These guidelines are erroneous.

They are imposed on population groups which have been traumatized by the fear campaign, applied in countries which have applied the lockdown.

In Belgium, 4 months after the lockdown was first introduced and more than 2 months after the end of confinement, wearing a mask is now compulsory for everyone, everywhere, even on the dikes, except for children under 12 years of age, who were not at the heart of the epidemic.

People are being masked and there is talk of reconfinement for the wrong reasons:

Authorities are confusing a resurgence of positive RT-PCR tests with a resurgence of COVID-19 infections, which is not the same thing!

The media say: “the number of infections is increasing again”, whereas it is the number of positive tests that is increasing.

The reality is that the epidemic is subsiding.

Masks: dangers not to be overlooked

Apart from overestimating the benefit of masks,

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