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19-09-20 08:37:00,

Global Research Editor’s note 

In Ontario, the face mask is compulsory in the workplace. We bring to the attention of our readers the testimony of a Toronto School Bus Driver.

Millions of people Worldwide are forced to wear the mask.  Millions of people are facing the same predicament. It is part of the fear campaign based on lies and fabrications.

There is a vast scientific literature regarding the devastating health impacts of wearing the mask. And the media never quotes the peer reviewed reports.

Why are they ordering the wearing the face mask?

It is a breach of fundamental human rights. “Criminal negligence” by the government of Ontario is an understatement.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, September 19, 2020


I am a 64-year old semi-retired school bus driver.  I drive in a populated suburb area north of Toronto. A one way run is 50 kilometres of suburban drive. Due to new face mask laws and/or special measures Act, public health authorities deem the wearing of the face mask as mandatory. 

And positive intentioned folks with fear of infection police it. They call-in or squeal on drivers who, due to policy, must now wear masks for 7 hours per day.

But wearing a mask in an empty bus? Logic versus rampant paranoia issues on that one.

The side effects into my second week of wearing a face mask are not headache and nausea but slight fatigue and nasal dry build up.  By that, I mean dry mucus in the frontal nose channel and in the sinus regions. I am a frequent user of nasal rinse, squeeze bottle type, e.g. Nielmed sinus rinse.

Water is infused with sea salt buffered by medical grade sodium bicarb. Normally I’d only use it in winter for dry air.  Or once a short June grass blooming season occurs.

But if mandatory masking continues, I’d highly likely use it more often to counter the usual restrictive drying mucus nasal effects.

I thought I could share this somewhat safe way to counter discomfort. Outside of home, squeeze-it or pressure charge nasal lubricant saline is another possible aid, I assume.

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