Brexit: Why Does Europe Continue To Speak English?


20-09-20 01:59:00,

Authored by Tim Kirby via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The seemingly longest divorce proceedings in history continue as the United Kingdom is still struggling to ever so slowly wiggle its way out of the EU. The British are trying to work out a post Union trade deal that will work out for their best interests and is hammering home the threat of abandoning negotiations and bailing without any agreement if they don’t get what they want in time. Perhaps, at one point the threat of London abruptly leaving would have had more weight than after years of watching the British “kind of” slowly leaving the EU party one at the speed of a glacier. In 2020 it is hard to take any threat of abrupt action from them seriously. Obviously, the economic impact of Brexit has been much discussed and for some feared, but the British are taking something else entirely with them that is not being discussed. And this aspect of Brexit should raise many questions for the future of the EU – the removal of the EU’s native English-speaking core.

In theory, the ideas that unite the EU are beliefs in Western Style Democracy, Human Rights (and the West’s monopoly on the interpretation of the idea), the geographic unity Europe (excluding the evil Russians) and a sort of friendly-faced Capitalism with a Nanny State side. To what extent these pillars of the union are taught in schools across the many nations is up for debate. Very often the ideas in society that should be known to all are pushed into the realm of the esoteric due to their exclusion from mainstream public education. As an American growing up in the Cold War it is still very surprising that we never had “Capitalism” as a school subject. During my childhood I knew we were fighting for Capitalism and that Communism “doesn’t work” but we never had it explained to U.S. until much later. And this was only due to the fact that I was in “AP” classes into which only a tiny percentage of the student body actually went. Who knows what they told the normies about economics, probably not much. But in contrast to this, one thing that is definitely taught to all children in the EU regardless of educational system is English.

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