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21-09-20 09:08:00,

Longtime incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko overwhelmingly defeated opposition candidates to remain in office.

US-designated puppet-in-waiting,  Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was chosen to serve Washington’s imperial interests.

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed Brussels for meddling in Belarusian internal affairs, saying the following:

“…Belarus is not the only example” of how the EU colludes with Washington against other countries in breach of the UN Charter and other international law.

“We call on the European Union to reconsider this course, which leads to the erosion of the legal basis of the international order, and in the case of Belarus, hinders normalization in the country.”

Stressing the illegality and destabilizing effects of possible EU sanctions on the country, Zakharova added:

“Our position regarding the sanctions mechanism used by the European Union is well-known.”

“It is illegitimate in terms of international law and represents unacceptable interference in internal affairs.”

“And in the context of the situation in Belarus, it contradicts the goal of restoring stability, establishing a dialogue, launching the constitutional process, and easing tensions, which EU representatives have said so much about.”

Zakharova also strongly criticized an invitation by EU foreign ministers for Tikhanovskaya to attend an upcoming ministerial meeting in Brussels, saying:

“EU foreign ministers’ overtures to the self-appointed Belarusian opposition representative and her invitation to Brussels ‘to communicate’ is an integral part of the scenario to meddle in Belarus’ domestic affairs.”

“It is a brazen violation of fundamental norms of the United Nations Charter and the Helsinki Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, which anniversaries are marked by international community this year.”

Russia views unacceptable bloc actions as further “proof of the European Union’s retreat from previous statements that there is no geopolitics in regard to Belarus or any parallels with the scenario of February 2014 in Ukraine when certain EU nations had come forward as so-called guarantors of the agreement between the government and opposition, which was trampled on the next day.”

Extrajudicial EU policy is supported by its foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and majority European Parliament MPs.

“The attempts to ‘rock the boat’ are obvious,

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