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Recitation in Arnhem on 20 November 2018

Part 4

That is a development that we have to go through. But the next step, after this diving into science and the longing for the lost spirituality, is to spiritualise the intelligence that we have been given as human beings. Then we will return in a rational way to occult science, occult philosophy, occult physiology, occult chemistry and physics.

It is clear that there is a strong counter-power that does everything possible to prevent this spiritualisation and to materialise and mechanise the intelligence.

We see how, in the course of history, counter-powers are at work in Christianity itself. This creates a division between exoteric and esoteric Christianity. In addition, there are, of course, forces coming from outside Christianity that want to strip what is actually the essence of Christianity of all its values in such a way that it can no longer exist.

Nature is the realm of the Father, the realm of necessity. We are born in the Father’s realm and find a necessity there, we find our destiny there. We find our family, our environment. Everything we find there belongs in the first place to the necessity of our earthly existence. We have no power to do anything against it. So you could say: what you inherit from the hereditary line of DNA, you have to deal with it in that sense.

It is, of course, well known that the DNA can be changed by certain circumstances. Medicine is also working on this in order to learn to manipulate the DNA in such a way that you can process healings by doing so, by exchanging a gene that has pathological effects for a healthy gene. But these are manipulations. In fact, the realm of nature is the realm of the Father, and we have to imagine that the DNA belongs there, in the extensive horizontal plane of the earth’s existence. Although, like everything else, it must be of cosmic origin. But the configuration is, of course, largely determined by that which comes from the hereditary line. And it really will come to a point where this can be mapped out very accurately and, as a result, the processes that take place during the inheritance of certain disorders from the parents to the children and how to avoid this and what can be expected.

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