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28-09-20 02:26:00,

My home country, the United Kingdom, once known for its promotion of libertarian causes, has been taken-over and its citizens utterly betrayed. The last vestiges of parliamentary democracy have been buried, so that the Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet Office and senior civil servants can operate via ‘rule by decree’, effectively taking over the levers of governance with little or no recourse to parliamentary debate or public consultation. These are dangerous times.

This ‘putsch’ has not taken place overnight, but has been steadily poisoning the arteries of government for decades. It took the chimera of Covid-19 to act as the tailor-made alibi to enforce the final act of treason. A move taken in the name of ‘protecting the health and welfare of British citizens’ “against the biggest threat this country has faced in peace time history.” (Matt Hancock, Minister of Health).

In reality, ‘the biggest threat in peace time history’ is coming from the government itself. The threat of a despotic, totalitarian take-over by fake leaders’ who have mastered the art of the lie.

The British media is fully complicit, ever ready to ram the fear doctrine down peoples’ throats and abandon any attempt at investigative journalism.

It has been recognised by those with a keen eye, that the UK has long since housed a devious seem of schematic criminality within its higher echelons of state, furtively open to selling the country to the highest bidder, or for favours of rank.

The corporation of the city of London leads the world in surreptitious arrangements of almost any tax evasion and money laundering exploit it is asked to undertake, provided the reward is not less than six figure.

For decades plans have been honed to install a cabal within the halls of Westminster that would appear to be operating according to constitutional practice, but would actually wrest the reins of power away from the practice of public consultation and parliamentary debate.

With the advent of Tony Blair as Prime Minister in 1997, this process was greatly speeded-up. It exploited already existing strong links to international criminal syndicates and collusion centred around the Bush family and the 9/11 trigger point for invasion of the Middle East. Gordon Brown kept this line going throughout the financial crash,

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