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30-09-20 02:24:00, Alison Maynard I have just filed a complaint for UPM against Bill and Melinda Gates in California.  I’ll file one in Washington State next.                                                                                     * Looking at this bit about a guy being prosecuted for UPM in California who only practiced gene therapy on HIMSELF (although he also gave recommendations on his website) is certainly a motivator.  And this guy has a Ph.D. in biophysics.  How can they ignore Gates?                                                                                    * I invite everyone to file this complaint in your own state or any other state you have time to do!  Let’s go all out and get this monster enjoined and prosecuted.  You do not have to have been a patient to complain, at least not in California (and I think Washington, too), so probably that is the case everywhere.  The medical commissions in these states have an online form you just fill out.  The document below may be used as an attachment to their form.                                                                                    * And you don’t need to prove Gates has personally even been in the state, because of his pervasive presence on the web.  You can either use the complaint I drafted and making edits appropriate to the state you’re filing in, or modify it and submit it under your own name.                                                                                    * Sunny


William Henry (“Bill”) Gates, III, and his wife Melinda Gates have both engaged in the unauthorized practice of medicine in countries around the world and every state in the United States.  My complaint requests investigation and prosecution of both individuals, who own two homes in California[1].  This is a public emergency requiring immediate action by the commission.


Neither Bill nor Melinda Gates has a license to practice medicine.  Bill Gates does not have even a college degree.  Melinda’s degree is in computer science and economics.  Neither has the barest credential in biology or health care.  Yet on a continuous basis, for over 20 years, both have posed as experts, prescribing, overseeing, and administering medical treatment (including gene therapy) and drugs–particularly vaccines–to millions of people around the world.

Gates applies pressure to the baby’s head with his right hand while squeezing a liquid substance into the infant’s mouth. 

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