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30-09-20 01:47:00, There are several sides to finding the truth. You need perception and thinking, but in virus and DNA research the perception side is missing.

Mieke Mosmuller talks about the truth according to Goethe, the relationship to yourself and to the outer world and the new truth: consensus can also be made, outside the truth.

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Mieke Mosmuller

Yes, I started this video series with the subject ‘The dignity of the human being’. And then I tried to give different visions of the truth, such as those of Aristotle and Hegel. And now I have indicated the difference between a bacterium and a virus the last two times, and yes, there you actually have the problem, that the Aristotelian truth can’t be found, because you can’t say, that’s the way it is, and I say it’ is so, or so it isn’t and I say it isn’t so. You cannot do that because you do not really see the reality. When you look into what is written about the virus in scientific literature, you get the impression that you are, as it were, investigating in an area where you have no light at all, no object at all, but a kind of hypothesis material, working models, which are then tested and tried and then accepted or rejected in their efficacy, i.e. reality. So you have the feeling, that you are somewhere with your hands under a cloth and that you have to perform microsurgery in a completely unknown area, that is what it is. And yes, then of course the aristotelian truth stops, because you can’t even say what it’s like, so it becomes rather nonsensical to wonder whether you are saying that it is the way it is.

So it really is a complication that occurs there, and Rudolf Steiner already said in his time about the atoms and the molecules, these are working models, science recognises that they are working models, but because we always work with these working models, the impression that this is really how it is is slowly becoming familiar to people.

And if you continue the studies of DNA, then at some point you will have that very specific chemical structure that is considered to be known,

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