Exposing NIST’s Latest Fraud: AE911Truth Appeals NIST Building 7 Decision


03-10-20 06:22:00,

On this week’s episode of 9/11 Free Fall, AE911Truth’s Ted Walter and 9/11 family member Matt Campbell join host Andy Steele to discuss the appeal that AE911Truth and ten 9/11 family members filed earlier this week with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The 98-page appeal challenges NIST’s initial decision on the “request for correction” to its 2008 report on World Trade Center Building 7 — laying bare the decision’s many falsehoods and absurdities — and urges NIST’s associate director, James K. Olthoff, to throw out the agency’s theory on the cause of Building 7’s destruction.

We invite you to listen or to read the interview below.

Andy Steele:

Welcome to 9/11 Free Fall. I’m the host Andy steel. We’ve got some major developments going on in our campaign against NIST, and we’re joined by two people that are at the ground floor of it. First one is Ted Walter. He’s the director of strategy and development at AE911Truth. He holds a Master’s of Public Policy degree from University of California, Berkeley. He was a director of NYC CAN’s 2009 ballot initiative and his 2014 High-Rise Safety Initiative as well as a volunteer campaign manager for AE’s ReThink911 campaign back in 2013.

He’s joined by Matt Campbell, whose brother Geoff died at the World Trade Center on September 11th. Currently Matt is pursuing a new inquest into Geoff’s death in his home country of the UK. He is one of the family members who is signing onto the appeal of NIST’s response to AE911Truth’s request for correction, which we’ll be talking about today. Guys, welcome back to the show.

Ted Walter:

Thanks very much, Andy.

Matt Campbell:

Thanks, Andy.

Andy Steele:

All right. So I’ve already hinted at what we’re here to discuss today, but Ted, I’m going to have you lay it out for our audience. Talk about the request for correction to remind our audience what that was all about and then the appeal.

Ted Walter:

Sure. So, earlier this week on Monday, we Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, along with 10 family members, including Matt, and 88 architects and structural engineer filed an appeal to NIST’s initial decision on the request for correction that we submitted back in April of this year.

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