Turkey and ‘Israel’… Did they Cross Path in Azerbaijan?


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The following is the English translation from Arabic of the latest article by Turkish career journalist Husni Mahali he published in the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news site Al-Mayadeen Net:

Is it possible that the Turkish-Israeli “consensus” in Azerbaijan, and across it in the Caucasus in general, will contribute to achieving the great reconciliation between Ankara and Tel Aviv?

With the continuation of the discussion of many scenarios about the meaning and future of hot confrontations between Armenians and Azerbaijan along the frontlines between the two parties in the vicinity of the Nagorno Karabakh region, Turkish and Israeli support for Azerbaijan gained additional importance, not only in the military sense but also in regard to the Turkish – Azerbaijan’s interests and calculations compatibility in Azerbaijan, and against Russia, Iran, and the Armenians altogether.

Information circulated talked about the use of Turkish drones, “Bayraktar TB2”, and Israeli “Harpy” and “Harop” drones, which were recently acquired by the Azerbaijani army from Ankara, which is carrying out suicide missions against the Armenian sites.

The information also talked about the delivery of “LORA” ballistic missiles, with a range of 300 km, to Azerbaijan, in addition to “TOS” air defense systems to counter the Russian “Iskander” missiles owned by Armenia. The Azerbaijani army enjoys direct support from Israeli and Turkish military experts, amid information about the role of Israeli satellites and listening devices in Azerbaijan in transmitting all live footage and scenes of the movements and locations of the Armenian forces to the Azerbaijani Command Staff, while interfering with the Armenian military communications with devices obtained by Baku from “Israel” and Turkey.

The indirect Turkish-Israeli coordination, cooperation, and alliance in Azerbaijan was not the only thing that unites the two parties on the basis of common interests, both direct and indirect. “Israel” has always evaded support for Armenian talk about the genocide that the Ottoman Empire carried out against them prior and during the First World War, which is 30 years before the Hitlerite annihilation of the Jews.

Over the past years, it (Israel) has succeeded in “monopolizing” emotional, political, and international solidarity with the Jews only, despite all the massacres and genocides committed by the imperialist and colonial countries against the peoples of many countries of the world,

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