WaPo Publishes Paranoid Screed Cautioning Readers Not To Let Russia Make Them Paranoid


05-10-20 07:31:00,

“Russia and other adversaries may not need to hack the election if they can hack something else: our minds.”

So begins a crazy, paranoid Washington Post editorial titled “The U.S. may be safe from foreign interference in this election. But what about perception hacking?”, cautioning readers not to let Russia make them crazy and paranoid.

“Perception hacking”. Apparently this term is the latest fad for the elite liberal commentariat in the category of noises one can make with one’s face in order to sound well-informed about Russian influence operations, from the same line as “kompromat”, “dezinformatsiya”, and “useful idiot”.

Oy vey. “Perception hacking”: “manipulating people into thinking they are being manipulated”. No, WaPo, that’s not Russia who’s doing that, it’s you & the NYT & the “intel” agencies & the Democrats & every part of the establishment except the Trumpers. https://t.co/mcqKnuhtIT

— Left I on the News (@leftiblog) October 4, 2020

Before we begin, I must clarify that this maniacal screed was not authored by some random unmedicated lunatic to whom WaPo mistakenly granted a spot in its Opinion section due to a Nyquil-induced filing error. It was authored by the actual editorial board of The Washington Post (Democracy Dies in Darkness™️). They sat down, they consciously wrote it out, probably re-wrote it a few times, and then knowingly published it as a representation of the esteemed outlet’s official position, completely on purpose.

WaPo starts off by saying America is safe from Russian influence operations, which would be news to the US politicians who’ve been breathlessly shrieking the exact opposite. It then goes on say that what Russia is now doing is tricking Americans into thinking they’re not safe from Russian influence operations.

Don’t think about it too hard. You’ll hurt yourself.

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