COVID Pushback: US Courts Partially Cancel Executive Overreach


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COVID pushback

COVID pushback is occurring as courts cancel executive overreach in many US states. But is it enough given the agenda for a 2nd wave lockdown?

COVID pushback has been happening around the world

in various forms. That is symptomatic of people seeing the truth, finding their sense of self-respect and finding the courage to stand up for their rights. Protests continue in many places, notably London (England) and Berlin (Germany) with David Icke and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. respectively giving speeches (in Icke’s case several speeches at several protests) to crowds of tens of thousands of people. In other places such as Melbourne (Australia), which has strangely for a Western democracy descended into the depths of tyranny, not enough COVID pushback is happening; Melbournians are still hampered by severe restrictions and are even forbidden from protesting, with the Victorian State Government classifying it as “incitement.” Australia and New Zealand are hampered by the fact they don’t possess a Bill of Rights; in my eyes that is a far more pressing concern to rectify than any other political topic; however human rights are inherent and come from within, so that need be no deterrent for Aussies to get out on the street in massive numbers to show the authorities who really has the power. Meanwhile in the US, people in many states have now taken action. Below is a brief update of the situation in some states (note: this is not a comprehensive list).

Pennsylvania Governor’s Closing of Businesses and Restrictions on Gatherings Found to Have Been Unconstitutional

A pro-freedom ruling recently emerged from Pennsylvania. Federal Judge William Stickman IV ruled that the state-imposed restrictions on gatherings violated the 1st Amendment (which includes freedom of assembly) and the stay-at-home and business-closing orders violated the 14th Amendment (which includes due process and equal protection clauses). This article reports:

“Lyndsay Kensinger, the governor’s press secretary, says the Wolf administration is disappointed and will seek a stay of the decision and file an appeal. Kensinger said the court ruling is limited to the business closure order and the stay at home orders issued in March and were later suspended, as well as the indoor and outdoor gathering limitations. “This ruling does not impact any of the other mitigation orders currently in place including,

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