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07-10-20 08:11:00,

By B.N. Frank

As American COVID-19 concerns increase, many types of invasive technology are being introduced in an effort to detect illness and prevent it from spreading. This includes wearables worn by military personnel, employees (see 1, 2), school children and staff.

Expensive temperature scanning technology has also been installed at schools and universities which epidemiologists say is not a good thing for a few valid reasons.

From NBCNews.com:

As schools spend big on temperature check tech, experts warn: It won’t work

“In the context of schools, fever screening is a particularly bad idea,” said Katelyn Gostic, an epidemiologist at the University of Chicago.

The back-to-school preparations at the Sharyland Independent School District in southern Texas this year include a variety of supplies now common in daily life during the pandemic: plastic dividers, masks and hand sanitizer.

They also include something not as common: body temperature screening terminals.

The district, which serves about 10,200 students across 13 campuses, spent more than $178,000 on 52 walk-through infrared temperature scanners from SafeCheck USA, a Miami-based company that launched about six months ago. The school district made the purchase without testing the technology after watching a demonstration over Zoom, Assistant Superintendent Ismael Gonzalez said.

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Also concerning – many of these systems haven’t been vetted by the FDA or independently tested for accuracy. This along with increasing reports of labs releasing inaccurate test results is bad enough (see 1, 2). Combine THAT with this invasive technology also exposing people of all ages to harmful electromagnetic radiation which can:

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